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An experienced business and technical product manager passionate about building products to help businesses and their customers succeed.

Product Management

Identifying and assessing product opportunities, conducting user and market research, and writing product requirements and user stories are among my many pm skills.


I love translating ideas into innovative digital experiences that maximize return on investment and increase business efficiencies.


Prototyping in Invision to back end web development, selecting the correct tools and technologies are essential to building maintainable and scalable products.

My Experience



Seattle, WA

Sr Product Manager, Possible (ZAAZ)

POSSIBLE is a creative agency that backs up every idea with real-world insights to create work that makes a measurable impact.

  • Oversee ideation and execution of ongoing AT&T web app product from user research to release 1 and post launch support with the goal of consolidating 7+ websites into 1
  • Launched 2 websites and eBooks for the Office team at Microsoft to help increase customer signups by 3x


Seattle, WA

Web Developer, General Assembly

Completed 12 week immersive program focused on full-stack development skills, from front-end HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, to web APIs, and data-driven, crud web apps. Conceived, developed, and launched Story Syntax and Seattle Permits


San Francisco, CA

Technical Product Manager, Swirl

Launched technical products totaling 15% ($5M) of the company’s yearly revenue, while managing a team of 5 designers and 4 developers.

  • Defined and drove all aspects of the Juniper.net redesign project
  • Created product strategy, prioritized backlog, product roadmaps and strategic product launch plans that correlated back to marketing goals
  • Launched a redesign of Burtsbees.com which increased brand value by millions of dollars and increased customer engagement by 2x


San Francisco, CA

Co-Founder & Product Manager, ToyBox Media

Defined and translated the product strategy into functional requirements and prototypes, while coordinating internal designers and developers for the successful execution of client websites, web apps, and mobile apps.

  • Developed, managed and tracked budgets, timelines, and products from ideation to post launch support and analytics for all client projects
  • Grew project revenues by over 200% to achieve profitability in 2015 FY
  • Managed a team of 4 developers, 2 designers, SEO, and social media resources to build and launch 11 client websites & web apps in one year
  • Drivelinebaseball.com increased revenues by $200k per year
  • Boardco.com increased revenues by $170k in the first month


Las Vegas, NV

Product Manager, FileRight

As the CRM systems product manager and owner, I identified and assessed new product opportunities in order to help immigrants correctly file their online applications. My role was to conduct user research, create a product vision, define product roadmaps, prioritize the backlog, design new product features, and lead agile development teams in San Francisco, Las Vegas, and India.

  • Managed a global team of 7 developers and 2 data scientists
  • Saved over $600k per year by improving call center hold times during peak hours from over 15 minutes to under 4 minutes
  • Launched an inbound call center solution to display customer accounts by phone number to improve search efficiency by 22x
  • Standardized 11 different codebases into 1 to improve product update frequency by 30% from weeks to days
  • Launched a new knowledgebase platform that improved customer service onboarding time by 2x from weeks to days


Las Vegas, NV

Systems Analyst, Caesars Entertainment

As Systems Analyst, I lead the successful deployment of enterprise wide projects OpenTable and a server monitoring tool called ManageEngine.

  • Designed & launched a new “reservation rescheduling” feature for the OpenTable call center software platform
  • Oversaw successful deployment of OpenTable for 37 casinos and over 350 restaurants across the U.S.
  • Owned & launched server monitoring tool ManageEngine that reduced P1 issues by more than 30% and reduced time to resolve by 60%
  • Discovered and created process to resolve partial credit card batch failure from server outages saving over $1M per year
  • Streamlined support request process to reduce the support tickets for the Micros Simphony application by 80%


Las Vegas, NV

President & Product Manager, MIS Society Of UNLV

Defined and executed the 2010-2012 strategic plans for the organization

  • Published two textbooks to grow Society revenue by 650% to generate over $40,000 profit from 2010-2012 fiscal year
  • Increased membership by 266% through community engagement to become the largest student organization at UNLV
  • 1st student organization to publish a textbook in UNLV history


Graduated M.S., M.B.A.

Masters of Science in Management Information Systems, University Of Nevada Las Vegas


Graduated B.S.B.A

Bachelors of Science in Business Administration in Management Information Systems,
University Of Nevada Las Vegas



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